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@RealTryHackMe #AdventOfCyber Series: Challenge 16 – Ransomware Madness #TisTheSeasonForHacking

Another day, another challenge…

In this post, we’re starting a new series the Advent of Cyber series that is hosted by TryHackMe. This is the third year of the Advent of Cyber where a challenge is released everyday leading to Christmas. In total there will be 25 challenges. In these challenges, we’re McSkidy an elf trying to save Christmas.

In our sixteenth challenge, we’re presented with a scenario where the Grinch is using the Best Festival Company to release his new ransomware. Oh no!

The topic explored in this challenge is Open Source Intelligence or OSINT for short. As you can imagine it uses open or free and public information to gather knowledge about a target. This is helpful for penetration tests and red team engagements as we want to get as much information as we can about our target. Such information can be search engines such as Google, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Along with repositories such as GitHub. Anything that is public is fair game and will NOT get us in trouble.

Can McSkidy use her OSINT skills to help Santa save Christmas? See below!

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