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#MobileSecMondays Video 9 – Solving CrackMe Challenge 3

Another day, another post.

In this challenge, we’re going to solve challenge 3 from the CrackMe series.

Watch the below video!

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hacking, mobile

#MobileSecMondays Video 8 – So You Want To Configure Burp for Android Devices?! #bugbounties #androidhacking #infosec

Another day, another post.

You, the reader, get a three for one. Three videos in one blog post.

The topics explored are configuring burp for Android Devices. Instead of making this one LONG video, I decided to break it into three videos.

1st video explores downloading the Certificate Authority (root) certificate for Burp

2nd video explores adding the root certificate to our Android emulator using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and configuring the device and burp to intercept the traffic.

3rd video explores recapping from the beginning what we did to intercept traffic inside an Android device.

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Without further ado – THE VIDEOS!

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#MobileSecMondays Video 6 – Solving CrackMe Challenge 1

Another day, another challenge.

In this post, we’re going to solve the first CrackMe challenge.

After reading the instructions, we need to find the secret string using techniques such as decompiling an Android app, and try to reverse engineer the source code.

Watch the below video for more details and to find the secret string!

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