About Me



Originally from the Bay Area, currently residing in the Southeast for over 10 years. I graduated with my Masters in Computer Science and a Graduate Certificate in Information Security and Privacy.

I worked as a developer in a former life and have since transitioned to InfoSec. Past roles have been as a Security Automation Engineer, Penetration Tester, etc. My foundation is Web Application Security (#webislife), but I dabble in Mobile Security and Cloud Security.

I’m an adjunct professor at two universities on both coasts. This keeps me busy but also fulfills the part of me that loves to do acts of service / give back to my community. I’ve also created a few courses with companies and universities such as Cybrary, Infosec Institute, and Drexel University and presented at a handful of growing conferences.

Passion Projects

  1. Securing medical devices: To give a background, I participated in the Biohacking Village (BHV) (which marries medical and cybersecurity) CTF at the 2020 DEFCON. I learned about medical history and found and tested vulnerabilities in insecure medical devices. I was hooked! I wanted to know more, so for DEFCON 2021, I participated in the Device Lab, a live network that allows researchers to pentest medical devices. I found five of the thirteen vulnerabilities during the engagement. Now I am the Device Lab co-lead and Education Lead with BHV. To learn more about BHV, click here.
  2. Security research/bug bounties: This inspiration came from number 1, working in the device lab. I dabbled in bug bounties here and there, but now I am making it a priority to increase my skills. I can’t wait to write more blog posts when I find more vulns!
  3. Cybersecurity education: My goal is to help increase marginalized groups’ in cybersecurity through education, as it’s a global problem. If you want to know more, visit my non-profit, T-ATP (The Accelerated Training Program), here.

Future State

I want to use my passion projects to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and show prospective cybersecurity professionals they can succeed in this industry too.

This will be done by joining CISA’s Cybersecurity Advisory Committee’s subcommittees in Transforming the Workforce and the Technical Advisory Council.

Wanna know more? Let’s connect through email (hello@thefluffy007.com) or Calendly.

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