Speaking Engagements

  1. OWASP Charlotte, “OAuth: The Sorcerer’s Stone”, USA, 2017
  2. OWASP Women in AppSec, “Importance of Penetration Testing Education”, USA, 2018
  3. Bugcrowd LevelUp 0x04, “The Diary of an (Inexperienced) Bug Hunter”, USA, 2019
  4. Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu She Speaks Tech Series, “Thrill of The Hunt: My Leap Into Bug Bounties”, USA, 2019
  5. NotPinkCon, “How Secure Is This Thing Anyway? A Guide Into Bug Bounties and Mobile Security”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019
  6. Brakeing Down Security (Podcast), “Analyzing Android Apps”, USA, 2021
  7. OWASP Devslop, “Demystifying Mobile Security with a COVID App”, USA, 2021
  8. Ekoparty, “Demystifying Mobile Security with a COVID App”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021