Speaking Engagements

  1. OWASP Charlotte, “OAuth: The Sorcerer’s Stone,” USA, 2017
  2. OWASP Women in AppSec, “Importance of Penetration Testing Education,” USA, 2018
  3. Bugcrowd LevelUp 0x04, “The Diary of an (Inexperienced) Bug Hunter,” USA, 2019
  4. Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu She Speaks Tech Series, “Thrill of The Hunt: My Leap Into Bug Bounties,” USA, 2019
  5. NotPinkCon, “How Secure Is This Thing Anyway? A Guide Into Bug Bounties and Mobile Security”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019
  6. Brakeing Down Security (Podcast), “Analyzing Android Apps,” USA, 2021
  7. OWASP Devslop, “Demystifying Mobile Security with a COVID App,” USA, 2021
  8. Ekoparty, “Demystifying Mobile Security with a COVID App,” Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021
  9. Secure Software Summit, “Using Vulnerabilities in Your Codebase to Drive Security Education in Your Organization,” USA, 2022
  10. Intigriti, “An Introductory Guide: How Many Bugs Can I Find In My Mobile Apps?”, USA, 2022
  11. National Cyber League (NCL), “Women of the NCL Webinar,” USA, 2022
  12. BSides Boston, “A Guide On How To Turn Your Curiosity Into A Lucrative InfoSec Career,” USA, 2022
  13. APISecure, “Raw and Unbridled Truth: Healthcare APIs,” USA, 2022
  14. Hack The Capitol, “(In)Secure APIs,” USA, 2022
  15. National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Conference, “Accelerating to Victory! Leveling the Playfield in Information Security Through an Accelerated Training Program”, USA, 2022
  16. NSA Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Forum, “Dreams Deferred The Cost of Cybersecurity,” USA, 2022
  17. EC-Council Hacker Halted Conference, “Hacking APIs: An Introductory Guide”, USA, 2022