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@RealTryHackMe #AdventOfCyber Series: Challenge 15 – The Grinch’s Day Off #TisTheSeasonForHacking

Another day, another challenge…

In this post, we’re starting a new series the Advent of Cyber series that is hosted by TryHackMe. This is the third year of the Advent of Cyber where a challenge is released everyday leading to Christmas. In total there will be 25 challenges. In these challenges, we’re McSkidy an elf trying to save Christmas.

In our fifteenth challenge, we’re presented with a scenario where the grinch is taking a day off. Whew!

This challenge is a bit different. We’re presented with a quiz to determine what security career would be best for us. The choices are Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Incident Responder, Red Team, and Penetration Tester. Each career is explained at the end of the quiz.

See the below video to view my results!

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