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PicoCTF 2017 – Internet Kitties

Another day, another challenge…

Today’s blog post we will solve a problem in the PicoCTF challenge.

Let’s start!

After logging into the CTF, and clicking on the “Internet Kitties” challenge we’re presented with the following:


Reading the description, really doesn’t give a lot of clues. Clicking on the hints tab we see:


OK, so we need to use the netcat command. On the right side of the panel we’re presented with a command prompt. After logging in we have the following:


Executing the help command (nc -h) in the command prompt we see:

The first line we see is how to connect to a server. Maybe we can use this to solve the challenge?

Looking at the challenge again we have the host name and port.

Let’s try it and see what we get:


We found the flag! Entering the flag we scored 10 points!