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@RealTryHackMe #AdventOfCyber Series: Challenge 7 – Maldocs Roasting On An Open Fire #TisTheSeasonForHacking

Another day, another challenge…

In this post, we’re starting a new series, the Advent of Cyber, hosted by TryHackMe. This is the fourth year of the Advent of Cyber, where a challenge is released every day leading to Christmas. There will be 25 challenges; we’re McSkidy, an elf trying to save Christmas.

In our seventh challenge, Elf McSkidy accidentally opened an attachment and believed processes/commands were being executed in the background. McSkidy employs Forensic McBlue to determine if his suspicion is confirmed.

The topics explored in this challenge are reviewing a (potential) malware document through CyberChef.

Is McSkidy’s suspicions about the document correct? Find out below!

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