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New Info Sec Website Alert! – White Hat Academy

Hello All,

It’s been a LONG time since I have blogged. What can I say? Life happens.

Anyway, I have enrolled into a program called White Hat Academy.

This website is great for n00bs as there are lessons to learn about different topics such as bash scripting, stenography, forensics, and mobile.

After completing the lessons there is a Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge that will incorporate what you have learned.

Check it out ( and enroll today!

1 thought on “New Info Sec Website Alert! – White Hat Academy”

  1. stuck on this level have you done it? if so kindly help?
    Forensics: Analyzing logs
    Summarize server responses
    A single IP makes up the vast majority of the source traffic in attack.log. First determine this IP.

    Now generate a numbered list of HTTP status codes, in descending order of frequency (with the most common response first), that the attack IP received. Write this list to a file named codes.