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InfoSec Institute CTF Challenge 3

Another day, another challenge…

Today’s challenge will be #3 from the InfoSec Institute.

Going to the following link we’re presented with the following:


Looking at the screen we’re presented with a qr code.

Doing a right click, view source we see the following:


Doing a quick Google search of “QR code decoder” we go to the following site.

Entering the proper information and uploading our file we see the following:


Doing a Google search of our output the code is actually Morse code!

Another Google search to decode the code gives us the following site.

Putting our code inside of the decoder we get the following:


We found the flag!!!

Lesson learned:

Right click, view page source saves the day again. By doing this we found that there is a qrcode being displayed on the page. Doing a quick Google search we found a QR code decoder that gave us morse code. Another Google search yielded the flag.

When in doubt view page source and Google searches!

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