I’ll start this post by being truthful… I honestly forgot about this blog post. At the time I was an application developer looking to transfer into the Information Security field. This was about 5 years ago. So where am I today? I’m currently in the Information Security field as an Application Security Tester working on a DevOps pipeline. As the tagline of this blog states I still want to become a penetration tester.

You, the reader might be wondering – why? I look at penetration testing as a game (I’m a gamer at heart). I have this console, and I know what I need to do (gain r00t), but the process of doing it is left up to the penetration tester.

I still love web application penetration testing – but I would also love to get into mobile penetration testing since EVERYONE has a mobile phone.

So… how do I want to revamp this site? I want to show my skills. I will start with showing my solutions to vulnerable virtual machines. My first would be the OWASP Hackademic Challenge. This challenge happened about 4 years ago, but each challenge illustrates the OWASP Top Ten, and I think this will be a good introduction to show how an application developer is STILL making the transition to a penetration tester.  🙂

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